Reiki Healings & Attunements


Q: What is the difference between healings and attunements?

A: Healings are when a Reiki Practitioner sends healing energies to  you either by hands-on application or distance application.  The person doing a healing can be either a Reiki Level 1, 2, Advanced, or Master.

    Attunements are when a Reiki Master is preparing a candidate to become a Reiki 1, 2, Advanced or Master Practitioner.  They are actually teaching the candidate the necessary procedures and symbols needed to do Reiki healings.  Only a Master can do attunements on a candidate.


Q: Is Reiki a form of religion?

A: It is universal and not connected to any religion or belief system,  but embraces and enhances all such beliefs, bringing greater understanding and clearer direction.  It puts you more in touch with your faith or religion, allowing your ascent to a plateau where all things are seen with greater clarity.

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